Bamboo Extract

bamboo ExtractBamboo, is the fastest growing perennial evergreen plant in the family of true grass. Bamboo grows to an average height of 39 inches each day. Bamboo can grow in all regions and is proved by its vast expansion from East Asia to Australia. Bamboo is richest source of silica and is cultivated these days in abundance not only for Si, but as a construction material, food source, decorator and to suit the need of market.

Bamboo Extract
Bamboo extract is prepared from the leaves and shoot (culms) of the bamboo plant. Apart from carrying silica as the essential mineral, bamboo is also rich in merals like iron, phosphorous, molybdenum and amino acids like phenylalanine, alanine, glycine etc. This extract is belived to be the factor of longevity in china, Tibet etc.

Therapeutic Properties
Silica plays various vital roles in our body including strengthening of muscles and joints, Prevention of cardiovascular diseases Like atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's dementia by preventing the entry of aluminium into the blood stream and Brain by forming soluble hydroxyl alumino silicates, Symptoms of ageing like bone loss, dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums and hair loss. Hence Bamboo extract has its applications in the treatment of above written conditions.

Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Bambusa bambos
  • Family Name: Poaceae
  • Common Name: Bans, Bamboo
  • Part Used: Leaf, Shoot
  • Habitat:   tropical, subtropical and temperate regions
  • Product Offered: Leaf,  shoot, Extract
  • Uses: stimulant, aromatic and tonic

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